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Our company develops a real estate portfolio optimization project, with the scope of performance improvement and increased focus on its specific business stream main operations. Thus, OMV Petrom intends to sell various properties (land and buildings) of its real estate non core assets that have been selected for sale. OMV Petrom organizes selections of offers for each property, according to its internal procedures and standards. Selection of offers will take place within an organized schedule, made public by the company on the official web page and in newspapers.

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Selection of offers. How can I participate?

Only assets with the status: "Selection of offers OPENED" are available for registration of offers.

Submit the offers directly online, for the properties having the status: "Selection of offers OPENED" and fill in the "Apply online" PopUp window accordingly.

All fields are mandatory. The system will not allow the registration of the offer, if the fields are incomplete or not properly filled in. After sending the offer, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing the confirmation that your offer was registered.

If you prefer to send the offers in sealed envelope, please make sure you are addressing it STRICTLY to the department administrating the respective asset, by case:

Please also mention on the envelope the reference number of the quoted property with the specification "confidential". Contact data (telephone number, e-mail address, location) of the specific responsible department is specified in each announcement and also on the official web site contact page.

Before submitting an offer by any of the 2 means mentioned above, please make sure that you read carefully the "Procedure for organizing / submitting the request & selection of offers of OMV Petrom real estate assets". Open the procedure "here".

By submitting an offer using any of the 2 methods of participation described above, we understand that you acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions described in the procedure for participation at the OMV Petrom "selection of offers".

Provided the property you are interested in is not yet available for bidding, interested parties can still request at any time information referring the respective property by filling in the respective request form. Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

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Envelopes containing the price quotations will be sent STRICLTY to the department assigned with the administration of respective selection of offers, as specified in the announcement, by case:

GS-CREM Department – Corporate Real Estate Management
Fix line: +40 (21) 306 88 30; + (021) 40.222.01
Fax no: +40 (21) 406 04
Address: Petrom City, Coralilor Street, no. 22,
Tower Building, 2nd floor, postal code 013329,
1st District, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Downstream Oil Division
Fix line: +40 (372) 8 68724; + (021) 40.222.01
Fax no:  +40 (21) 2069432
Address: Petrom City – Infinity Building, 1st floor, A400-13
Coralilor Street, no. 22, postal code 013329,
1st District, Bucharest, ROMANIA