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We believe in a better Romania every day

In order to be stronger, it is not enough to stand up, to have vision or to try new paths. To be stronger, you must believe.

We believe in Romania and our confidence comes from the people and the projects OMV Petrom had the opportunity to support for over a decade. These projects changed lives and communities even though they seemed almost impossible at the beginning.

We believe in a cleaner environment

Starting with 2008, OMV Petrom, through its social responsibility platform, Andrei’s Country, developed some of the biggest forestation actions in Romania.


Over 700,000 trees were planted in over 150 ha of field, in areas that were affected by landslides, to prevent soil desertification, floods or large water accumulations, to protect communication ways and improve air quality.

Over 57,000 volunteers got involved in the forestation campaigns from Andrei’s Country, out of which, over 13,000 were OMV Petrom employees.

We believe in a quality vocational education

The educational project within Vocational Romania program, Oilmen’s School is the initiative through which OMV Petrom supports 6 vocational education classes, with majors in oil and gas industry. Two generations of future oil and gas specialists have been trained between 2015 and 2019 in 3 technological high schools in Romania: „Astra Pitești” Technological Highschool, "Grigore Cobălcescu" Technological College in Moinești and "Voievodul Mircea" Technological Highschool in Târgoviște.

The students in these professional classes get a professional qualification recognized at European level. Depending on their scholar performances, OMV Petrom offers students a monthly study scholarship up to 700 RON. Up to now, around 110,000 euro have been allocated to rehabilitate classrooms and improve laboratories in the 3 associate high schools with equipment mandatory for students’ practice. Along with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, OMV Petrom employees developed updated courses that served teachers and students.


The first two  generations of students from Oilmen’s School passed the professional skills certification exam. Assessed by OMV Petrom specialists, the 165 students successfully proved what they learned during the 3 years of theoretical and practical training in vocational school. 52 of these students are now OMV Petrom’s employees.

We believe in SMART solutions for community development

RO SMART in Andrei’s Country, now at its 3rd editionn, is a national projects competition, which through technology and digitalization transforms Romanian communities in the communities of the future. 

We are looking for those innovative projects that aim at using technology and digitalization to improve the quality of life, for efficiency in terms of resource consumption and for a more efficient access to public services. The competition focuses on 5 key areas: education, health, environment, transport and infrastructure.


In the first two edtitions  of RO SMART, OMV Petrom offered grants totaling 900,000 euro for SMART projects proving that through technology, the future can be made present.  

One of these projects is „AV1 Robot – The voice of children with cancer in Romanian schools”. With the help of AV1, children with cancer can attend classes along with their school colleagues and teachers, even when they are in hospital, just by using a phone or a tablet. AV1 Robot is taking the child’s place in class, which, from a distance, can benefit from the entire scholar experience – takes part in classes and is next to his peers on recess. This cute robot is the eyes and voice of sick children enrolled in school, in Romania.

We believe in better hospital conditions

In 2019, OMV Petrom sponsored with 10 million euros the building of the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy hospital in Romania, a project developed by the Dăruiește Viață Association. 


Of the 10 million euros, 5 million will be used for the acquisition of the medical equipment required for diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cancer: a radiotherapy machine, a computer tomography device and other equipment for the operatory block. Also, other 5 million euros will be used for plumbing and interior design.

Spital_randare exterior

This sponsorship covers almost 40% of the total funds required for building and equipment, estimated at around 25 million euros*. It is estimated that 5,000 Romanian children are cancer patients and, each year, other 500 children are diagnosed with cancer.

More details about OMV Petrom’s involvement are available at