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OMV Petrom corporate branding

OMV Petrom’s corporate design is a design system which ensures that the organization is presented in a unitary and professional way. Every element of the design (logo, claim, typeface, colors, etc.) ensures that we speak a single visual language and have a consistent internal and external appearance.

Corporate design is used to ensure that assets, publications and promotional materials from OMV Petrom are easily recognizable. In order to do so, all materials must be developed in line with the OMV Petrom Corporate Design Manual.

When and where to use the corporate design

The corporate design use is mandatory for all media produced by and for the organization. These include branding used on assets, directional materials and promotional materials related to the OMV Petrom corporate presence.

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The correct use of the logo is important for complying with corporate design. In order to do so, the logo is available on the OMV Petrom website in a wide variety of easily downloadable formats.

All logo variations can be downloaded here: