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Oilmen School

An educational project within the Vocational Romania campaign, through which OMV Petrom supports 6 vocational classes with specializations from the oil and gas industry. For 3 years, the students study after an updated curriculum and benefit from internships within the company, scholarships and vocational training courses held by OMV Petrom employees.

The Oilmen’s School project already trained two generations of well operators and operators for extraction, transport, treatment, and distribution of gas; in partnership with  3 technological high schools from the country: Technological High School “Astra Pitești", Technological High School "Grigore Cobălcescu" from Moinești and Technological High School "Voievodul Mircea" from Târgoviște. 

Despite the challenging conditions of 2020, the Oilmen’s School continued with the third generation of 84 students which enrolled in their first year of study. 

Up to now, the Oilmen’s School achievements are

  • Two generations graduated (167 students) of qualified technicians for well operator and gas extraction, transmission, treatment and distribution operator,
  • The 167 graduates have earned a professional degree valid all over Europe.
  • OMV Petrom continues to equip the mechanical practical laboratories from all three technical high schools so that students and teachers to have access to a modern and applied educational base
  •  65 former students are currently employees of OMV Petrom with 1-2 years’ work experience. 
  •  84 new pupils are part of the 3rd generation of the project that in ongoing from 2020
  • Scholarships for 251 students, 
  • OMV Petrom employees are involved in the project: during the internships, the learning process is facilitated by a mentor from the OMV Petrom and a teacher from the partner school in the OMV Petrom Upstream assets. 
  • Vocational profiling workshops and practical workshops - communication, negotiation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, employability (how to write a CV, a motivation letter, what is a job interview) for students. 
  • Trainings for the teachers  

   Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals: 4, Quality Education