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OMV Petrom Exploration & Production at a glance

Oil and gas exploration and production activities

OMV Petrom is the largest energy company in Southeastern Europe, with oil and gas exploration and production activities in Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia. Every day, we produce the energy for a better life for millions of Romanians. When refined, our crude production can ensure the supply for over 54 million car tank refills. Our gas production can cover approximately 40% of the Romanian gas demand.


Key figures*


473 MN boe

Proven reserves

~ 53 MN boe

Annual production

10.88 USD/boe


OMV Petrom operates 193 commercial oil and gas fields onshore and offshore in Romania. Until May 2021,  the company also operated four producing onshore oilfields in Kazakhstan. Our portfolio includes fields producing for decades, but also recently discovered fields. According to our 2021+ strategy, we aim to unlock additional resources by increasing the reserve recovery rate and to realize the full potential of our assets, while focusing on the most profitable barrels. We also aim to expand our Exploration & Production operations in the region, in order to capture synergies with existing operations and to increase our reserves base.

*Figures for 2020