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Filling stations

OMV Petrom is one of the most reliable players on the fuels market in the region. We have a significant footprint, with 780 filling stations operated under two brands, OMV and Petrom, covering Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia and providing a wide range of qualitative products and services. 

We position ourselves for the future by consolidating our two brands – Petrom as “value for money” leader and OMV as “high quality” leader – while exploring strategic partnership opportunities. 

OMV Petrom is proud to have embarked on a journey towards setting the stage for a cleaner environment. Thus, we concluded several partnerships for setting up and developing a network of fast and ultra-fast electric chargers within the operating region: Enel X (Romania), Eldrive (Romania & Bulgaria), Renovatio (Romania & Moldova), Charge & GO and EasyPark (Serbia).

By end of 2022, 120 electric charging points were installed in our network. As part of our long-term commitment, we aim to be the first oil and gas player with the largest EV network developed in our operating region, with more than 500 points of alternative fuels by 2030, allowing us to capture this significant potential in the market.