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OMV Petrom Exploration & Production portfolio & locations

OMV Petrom Exploration & Production has operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia, with a solid safety record. In 2021, Group daily production was 129.4 kboe/day. We aim to expand our portfolio through regional expansion.

Operations in Romania

We operate 152 commercial oil and gas fields, most of them onshore. We also have offshore operations in the shallow waters of the Black Sea, in Romania. In 2021, the average oil and gas production in Romania was 127.2 kboe/day.

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Producing wells



~10,000 KM


Our production infrastructure includes thousands of wells, kilometers of pipelines and hundreds of oil and gas facilities: oil & gas processing plants, tank farms, gathering & compressors stations located in our assets. Our portfolio is quite diverse.

We have entered partnerships with international companies for 21 mature fields in PECs (Production Enhancement Contracts). While OMV Petrom continues to be titleholder, our partners operate those fields aiming to maximize production while improving efficiency. In 2016, we have also started experimental production from a new discovery in Padina (Buzau), under a Joint Operation Agreement with Hunt Oil.

Operations in Bulgaria

In August 2020 OMV Petrom, acquired 100% of the shares in OMV Offshore Bulgaria GmbH from and therefore entered the Han-Asparuh exploration block in Bulgaria. Thus, OMV Petrom’s share in the block, via OMV Offshore Bulgaria GmbH, is now 42.86%, alongside Total (57.14%) being the operator. 

Thus, OMV Petrom’s share in the block, via OMV Offshore Bulgaria GmbH, is now 42.86%, alongside Total (57.14%) being the operator. 

Han-Asparuh is located in the western Black Sea in Bulgaria, south of the Neptun Deep Block in Romania and has an area of 13,819 km² with maximum water depths of over 2,000 m. Exploration activities started in 2012 and included geological and geophysical surveys and the drilling of three exploration wells. An extensive 3D seismic campaign was finalized in May 2020 covering 5,614 km². Seismic data processing is finalized (interpretation ongoing) and one potential drilling candidate has been selected. In April, the license for the Han Asparuh block was extended by two years until May 2024.


Operations in Georgia

After being selected the winner of an open international tender, in March 2021, OMV Petrom, signed a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for the offshore Block II in the exclusive economic zone of Georgian Black Sea.

The PSC allows exploration, development and production activities of hydrocarbon resources. 

Block II covers a total area of 5,282 square kilometers and the water depth varies between 400 and 2,000 meters.

As an operator, OMV Petrom established an operating company in Georgia, proceed with geoscientific and environmental studies in 2021 and prepare for a large offshore 3D seismic campaign in 2022, which will allow for a detailed evaluation of this block’s potential.