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Petrom is helping more than 60 families to have a new home, in a Habitat for Humanity project

  • Petrom and the Habitat for Humanity association are launching “Building for the Future” project
  • The project beneficiaries are 66 needy families from Bacău County. For them, 6 houses will be build and other 60 houses will be repaired
  • Petrom’s employees are working as volunteers at the houses’ repair and construction in “Building for the Future” project
  • Petrom’s financial investment in this project is up to 231.000 euro
  • Last year, Petrom’s volunteers have worked in a Habitat for Humanity’s project and have build the “ Romania House” along with the people in Radauti

Bucharest, March, 24 2008 – Through the project “ Building for the Future” Petrom and Habitat for Humanity are helping 66 families in Comăneşti, Asău, Dofteana, Dărmăneşti and Moineşti. Petrom is offering the financial support needed to build six new houses and to repair other 60 houses. Petrom’s employees are working as volunteers at the houses’ repair and construction.

In 2007, Petrom was involved in the biggest social responsibility and volunteering project in Europe, developed by Habitat for Humanity in Rădăuţi. Petrom has supported both financial the build of “Romania House” both with employees which have worked as volunteers.
This successful experience has led to the partnership’s extent in 2008 with “Building for the Future” project along with Habitat for Humanity. Petrom is the only company financing this project.

Petrom and the non – profit association, “Habitat for Humanity”, have set as an objective not only to build the houses for the needy families but also to raise the social responsibility by involving volunteers. More than 95% of the constructions’ works will be fulfilled by volunteers recruited from the community, from Petrom’s employees and from the beneficiary families.

Starting today, for eight weeks, Petrom’s volunteers will work along with the future owners of the houses in Bacău. Until June, more than 100 Petrom volunteers will join their forces and will work on the Habitat site to bring back the smile and hope to the needy families who will move in a new house. 
Mariana Gheorghe, CEO Petrom, is working in this first week as a volunteer in “Building for the future” project. 

Mariana Gheorghe, CEO Petrom: “In other countries, volunteering is a normal gesture, carried out with the satisfaction of giving something to the people around and to the society. I am very glad that Petrom’s people have responded so nicely to this call. I think that their decision was influenced by the fact that in this area we have activities and therefore many colleagues. This is making us more responsible”.

Gheorghe Baciu, Habitat for Humanity Comănești’s vice president: 
“Our desire is to develop Petrom’s partnership to make out of Moinesti and the surroundings a community in which people care about their fellows”. 

“Building for the future” project is part of Petrom’s social responsibility platform, “Respect for the future”.

Petrom CSR
„Respect for Future”
 is a complex program initiated by Petrom, at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to society’s and environment’s needs. 
„Respect for Future” is the concretization of our principles, which stand at the base of durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and that is why we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspect as part of our business conduct. 

Habitat for Humanity, Comăneşti was established in April, 2004 with the purpose to help the welfare of the people in Bacau County. Habitat Comanesti wants not only to build houses for the needy families but also to raise the social responsibility by involving volunteers in the houses’ construction. The construction works are assured by volunteers recruited from high schools, churches parish, corporations’ employees and the beneficiary families.

Further information:
Mona Nicolici,
CSR Communication Manager Petrom
Tel.: +40 21 4060728
Fax: +40 21 4060437

Zamfir Todor
Communication Manager Habitat for Humanity
Tel. /Fax +40-259-32151
Mobil:    +40-724-292541