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Petrom has awarded the best creative solutions for „Parks of the Future” 2008 edition

  • In comparison with the 2007 edition the winning projects were selected from a double number of creative projects submitted in the contest;
  • The creative solutions will be implemented this summer to reconfigure two parks: Adolescentilor Park from Timisoara and Libertatii Park from Ploiesti;
  • The awards are amounting E 11,000;

Bucharest, 15th of May, 2008 – Petrom has awarded three students for their creative solutions offered to redesign two parks from Timisoara and Ploiesti. The Award Ceremony took place Wednesday, 14th of May, at the Children National Palace from Bucharest, in the presence of authorities, mass-media, contest’s participants, specialists in architecture and landscape architecture involved in the project.

The winners of the contest’s 2008 edition are: Mirela Dragoş (36 years old), student at the University of Horticulture, Landscape Architecture Faculty from Bucharest, for “Adolescentilor Park” from Timisoara and the team consisting of Irina Luchian (24 years old) and Eliza Georgescu (24 years old), students at the Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, for the “ Libertăţii Park” project from Ploiesti.

The “Parks of the Future” program takes place in two years: 2007-2008 with Petrom’s support and involvement of the local communities. The program required an investment of more than E 1.500.00 and aims to redesign five public parks from Romania, at European standards, in the spirit of environment protection and with usage of alternative energies. The “Parks of the Future” project started in 2007, and has redesigned three parks in Moinesti, Bucharest and Pitesti. This year, two more parks will be redesigned: Adolescentilor Park from Timisoara and Libertăţii Park from Ploieşti.
At the ideas contest which took place between February, 29 – April, 14 2008, 45 projects were submitted, twice number of projects which entered in the contest for the 2007 edition, when only 24 projects were submitted for three parks.
The 45 architecture and landscape architecture projects submitted this year were evaluated on April, 21 by a jury consisting of experts and professors specialized in architecture and landscape architecture, local authorities and representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Durable Development.

The jury of the competition included: Larry Gordon, international landscape architecture expert; Ion Anghel, General Secretary of The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development; Arh. Bruno Andresoiu, Igloo Media, and also representatives of the local authorities: Vasile Ciupa, Director, Environment Committee, Timisoara and Ionuţ Ionescu, City Manager Ploiesti. 

Mona Nicolici, CSR Communication Manager Petrom: “I was impressed by the young people’ involvement in this project and about their desire to change something in the Romanian cities. Because our project, “Parks of the Future” is in its second year of existence, I can now say that it is truly beautiful to see that this young people’ ideas are turned into reality. This project is as interesting as complex: starting with the ideas contest for young architects, the jury day, the Award Ceremony for the contest’s winners, the constructions’ start, the Volunteer’s Day, when the entire community is gathered to finalize their park. I believe that beyond the significant financial investment, for Petrom this program is a attitude of involvement in the communities’ problems in Romania, of dialogue with people, of giving and of volunteering”.

Mirela Dragoş, winner, 1st prize for the redesign of Adolescentilor Park, Timisoara: „I believe that in the parks’ redesign we should introduce the love for nature because through excessive urbanization we have moved away from it. Thus my project’s concept is “Finding”, returning to Mother Nature in a new stage of conscience, feelings’ rediscovery towards nature and towards people in a special created frame”.

Irina Luchian, Eliza Georgescu, winners, 1st prize for the redesign of Libertatii Park, Ploiesti:
„The contest was a delight and a challenge also, because it is the only specialized competition for young architects and landscape architects. This competition was an opportunity for us to use the knowledge we have gained in the university”.

Larry Gordon, international landscape architecture expert: “For a company, it is great to give something back to the community where you develop your activity, moreover if this will generate benefits for the future. The “Parks of the Future” project is a unique way to involve young people in this process”. 

Vasile Ciupa, Director of the Environment Committee, Timisoara: „I am really impressed by the number of the projects and their quality. I was not expecting to have 28 projects just for Timisoara. The projects are extremely interesting and are offering viable solutions, solutions which make the true parks of the future”.

Dragos Bucurenci, member of the Parks of the Future jury, in 2007 edition: „I am gald that the projects continued in 2008, because this proves that we are dealing with a durable development. I want to see that more and more companies are taking Petrom as an example and are offering a better future for the community”.

The evaluation criteria of the winning projects included: the projects ought to fit European modern standards and the sustainable development plans for the towns, the originality and the way the the projects met the needs of the community, enhancement of the local identity, the original way of using the resources of alternative energy, and the enhancement of the vegetal & cultural existing elements.

Petrom CSR
„Respect for Future” is a complex program initiated by Petrom, at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to society’s and environment’s needs. 
„Respect for Future” is the concretization of our principles, which stand at the base of durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and that is why we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspect as part of our business conduct.