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Petrom donates Videle Hospital to the Romanian State

January 24, 2007

  • State of the art medical equipment for more than 8,000 patients
  • Petrom invested approximately 4 mn euro in modernizing the hospital

On January 22nd, 2007, Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South Eastern Europe, signed the transfer without consideration of Videle Hospital with the Public Health Authority of Teleorman County. Petrom’s rationale for undertaking this transaction is to concentrate on its core business.

“We decided to donate to the state this hospital where we invested approximately 4 mn euros in the last 13 years, as we are convinced that the health authorities will efficiently and responsibly manage an institution with a long tradition and well known specialists.
Petrom will continue to actively involve in major social projects while the preoccupation towards community will stay one of our objectives”, said Mariana Gheorghe, Chief Executive Officer of Petrom.

The decision of transferring the hospital is in line with Petrom’s strategy of selling the non core assets.

Videle Hospital is a modern unit that offers high standard services and covers a wide range of specializations: Internal Disease, Surgery, Cardiology, Physical Medicine and Balneology.

The hospital has 246 beds and offers its services to more than 8,000 patients each year from Teleorman and its surrounding counties.
The Videle Hospital was part of Petrom since 1993 following a transfer from the Ministry of Health. Since then, Petrom has made significant investments both in the modernization and in the endowment with state of the art equipments.

Petrom intends to keep using the medical services of the hospital to the benefit of the employees working in the neighborhood of the hospital.