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Adhoc report - Involuntary manslaughter case – Ploiesti Court of Appeal final decision (appeal)

Adhoc report in compliance with Law no. 24/2017 on issuers of financial instruments and market operations and Financial Supervisory Authority Regulation no. 5/2018 on issuers of financial instruments and market operations

Date of report: 30 June 2023
Name of issuer: OMV Petrom S.A.
Headquarters: Bucharest, 22 Coralilor Street, District 1, („Petrom City”)
Telephone/fax number: +40 372 161930/ +40 372 868518
Sole registration number at the Trade Register Office: 1590082
Fiscal attribute: RO
Trade Register Number: J 40/8302/1997
Share capital: 6,231,166,705.80 RON
Regulated market on which the issued shares are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange

Significant event to be reported: Involuntary manslaughter case – Ploiesti Court of Appeal final decision (appeal)

The Ploiesti Court of Appeal ruled yesterday evening its decision in the file where OMV Petrom SA (“the Company”) was sent to trial. The accusation is referring to an incident which occurred in Cobia in 2016 and resulted in the death of a child. The decision is final. The ruling in first instance was communicated via the ad-hoc report issued on 13 December 2022.

The company was found guilty for committing involuntary manslaughter and was convicted to a punishment of a criminal fine amounting to RON 500,000 (200 days of fine, the equivalent of a day of fine being of RON 2,500). On the civil side, the company is obliged to pay moral damages in total amount of EUR 40,000 to the victim’s family. Moreover, the court of appeal decided to remove the complementary sanction applied by the first instance regarding the one-year suspension of the activity of oil exploitation wells within the radius of Dambovita county which, at the date of the final decision, would not have had a completely closed and locked perimeter or which would not have had a well cellar grate installed. The court of appeal maintained the rest of the provisions of the challenged decision.   

Please note that, currently, there are no wells in exploitation belonging to OMV Petrom that are not fenced or that do not have a well cellar grate installed.


Christina Verchere
Chief Executive Officer
and President of the Executive Board   

Cristian Hubati
Member of the Executive Board
responsible for Exploration & Production