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PetrOmbudsman Department

The PetrOmbudsman Department is an innovative initiative launched within the OMV Petrom Group, being an additional communication channel for all people working in the OMV Petrom Group, regardless of their function or field of activity.

Different from other existing channels, the PetrOmbudsman acts and reacts in a confidential, impartial, independent and informal manner. These four traits are used as guiding principles in its activities.

The role of the PetrOmbudsman Department is to help people see all the alternatives and then make informed decisions upon the best ways to address concerns. It supports management and employees navigate through all existing channels, and clarify the nature of their issues, or possible additional aspects that might need to be addressed. To learn more about PetrOmbudsman, click here.

The PetrOmbudsman 2023 Report presents the main activities, projects and initiatives undertaken by the PetrOmbudsman department in its efforts to create a more pleasant working environment for OMV Petrom Group employees. You can read it here:  PetrOmbudsman Annual Report 2023 (PDF, 1,8 MB)

The version for the previous year can be found here.