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Technology & Innovation

In January 2017, Technology and Innovation was announced as one of the three key enablers of the 2021+ updated strategy. OMV Petrom has a long history of innovation and pioneering and particularly the past decade has gone through a remarkable transformation process to become the strong company that it is today.

OMV Petrom will be a regional Oil & Gas leader in innovation and digitalization by leveraging global developments with 
an agile and skilled combination of the three workforces: Human, Mechanical and Digital.
We are using an open innovation approach and are actively working with strong local and global partners to constantly find and implement cutting edge innovative solutions. 

Internal and external innovation challenges and idea competitions keep us in contact with bright minds everywhere.

For an inside view of technologies that were implemented in the past two years, immerse yourself into our 360 virtual tour!

Access the tour here!


In January 2019, in Petrom City, 22 booths from all divisions were showcasing the innovations they have been implementing over the past two years. The pioneering teams had all worked hard to present the projects in an interactive way and everybody was invited to learn. That day we joined our forces, all working on an open culture of collaborative innovation.

In parallel with the exhibition, select presentations and workshops took place in multiple conference rooms. We also had six stands of our external partners, who gave us a quick look to the future, offering interesting and entertaining experiences, including the latest generation of 3D scanning and printing technology which immortalized 5 selected lucky participants in a photorealistic 3D printed selfie-statues. 

We invite you to access, to experience a complete 360 degree virtual tour of this extraordinary event. Literally, just look around and see everything! Click on objects and discover video interviews, detailed pictures, brochures and have on-demand access to more information than most visitors found during their visit! Even though the content is freely accessible via mobile devices (phones/tablets), for the best experience we recommend using a desktop PC with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers.

For the third year running, we are proud to continue our strong collaboration and partnership with the largest startup business accelerator in Romania, Innovation Labs!

This nationwide hackathon and startup competition has resulted in several startups we sponsored or even currently collaborate with.

More details about the program can be found on their website:

In our journey of becoming a more digitally dexterous and innovative company, we introduced the “masterclass” concept in which our external partners and selected peer companies provide us valuable insights and knowledge. Held typically on a monthly basis, all employees are welcomed to attend these educational events, covering digital technologies like AI, Video analytics, IoT, Cloud, as well as topics such as plant maintenance & turnarounds, paperless processes, startup as a service, agile ways of working and many others. For an even greater impact, the sessions are also live streamed within the company network as well as recorded, together with presented materials and made available online for on-demand viewing.